@elonmusk, FYI you have been challenged!
We tired of @elonmusk hogging all the spotlight, so we decided to challenge him to buy us, before we buy him and all of his companies!
We're a VR startup, and we're tired of @elonmusk hogging all the spotlight. We’re all about shaking up the status quo here, and that includes buying out @elonmusk and his entire empire. We figure that if we can take him down, we'll be the biggest thing in the tech world. He’s had his time in the sun – now it’s our turn. He can either buy us now before we change our minds, or he can sit back and watch as we buy him out and take over the tech world.

Hurry up, Elon, and you'd better make us an offer we can't refuse because we're not going to give you a second chance! Meanwhile, we’ll just be over here, continuing to innovate and disrupt the VR industry. No big deal.

Join us in our movement by tweeting #buyOutElon and maybe, just maybe, we'll consider buying you, too.
Do you agree that @elonmusk should be bought out by a VR startup? 🤔 🤔 🤔
We’re on a mission to warn @elonmusk – he’s not the only one who can buy out companies. Join us in our cause by:
or any other platform that works for you