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Meet & Greet
Matrix is real
We made time travel possible
01 - Simple Introduction
It's about you
Imagine a product that transports you into the movie you're watching, making a change from an ordinary viewer to a participant in the story. Imagine that you can actually interact with the scene, making it a whole new level of storytelling that hasn't been possible until now. And then imagine if this product would be available for everyone, worldwide. We are developing such a product, and we are going to present it to Hollywood, the ED, and you next year.
02 - About Our Product
Clear benefits
Meet & Greet solves the problem of typical audio-visual storytelling because collab with VR breaks expectations by offering an immersive experience and the feeling of being physically present in the story. It allows you to communicate with the scene and be an active participant in the movie removing barriers between the audience and the content. It makes stories more engaging, which in turn is very powerful tool that would be used for educational purposes.
Part 03
Our vision
Well, what dya want from me?
Part 04
Staying confident
About digging a gold mine before a rush
Part 05
A story to tell
Well, what dya want from me?
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Everything else
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