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About us and our story
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Genesis [Who/What]
Our company was founded on March 9, 2020 by a team of passionate movie fans who wanted to create a new way to watch movies and video. Alturas Inventions is the first and only company to offer this kind of service. We believe that future of entertainment goes along with interactivity and immersiveness.

Though Interactive Cinema may sound like something really futuristic, actually, it is already possible with today's technologies. This is how Meet & Greet was born. We saw huge potential in the space, but it lacked any products that were interesting enough to showcase the future of the medium. Meet & Greet, as a product, takes the idea of storytelling to the next level. We thought it was the perfect way to showcase the the industry, and offer a tangible proof of VR's disruptive potential.

Mantra [How/For Whom]
The core of the success of any movie is the feelings viewers get during the watch-time, and Virtual Reality offers much more ways to control it not only through the sound and static screen but through the environment, surroundings, and feeling of being physically present in the story. We believe that the visual, aural, and experiential parts should be experienced together, creating an overall feeling. And that's exactly what Meet & Greet aims to achieve. Our mission is to bring to the market a product that will improve the enjoyment of the experience for people, like you.

We are a company of movie fans, for movie fans. We are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for our users. Our platform is is here to bring you the best movie experience, with a unique 3D feel of being "here" that you can only get with Virtual Reality. And we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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